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At the End of Dreaming

Hymn to Fayth- Epilogue

Author: dream-edge
Title: Hymn to Fayth
Summary: AU. Ziggy awakens an ancient power within himself and ends up joining the Rangers before he could ever join the Cartels. Dillon is guided to Corinth by a mysterious voice and learns the values of trust, friendship, love, and faith.
Rating: T
Pairings: Dillon/Ziggy
Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers or anything related to the franchise. I do not own anything recognizable as from one of the Final Fantasy games. I do not own any of the Orianthi songs listed.
AN: Its done. After all this time, its finally done. I almost can't believe it. I really want to thank everyone who kept up with the story and took the time to read it. It means a lot to me.


Hymn to Fayth


One Year Later

One year, in hindsight, seemed like a very short time for so much to happen. Ziggy jogged down the steps that led to the council meeting hall, gazing over the heads of the other council members and lingering press to look for Dillon's car. He found it after a minute of searching for it, parked against the curb, with Dillon leaning against the side. He raised his hand to wave at him, grinning widely when the older man straightened and approached him. As Dillon came closer, he heard someone else call his name, making him turn.

One of the other councilors was approaching him, an angry scowl on their face. Ziggy resisted the urge to sigh, closing his eyes and silently praying for patience when he recognized the man approaching him. "How can I help you, Councilor Hanzil?" He asked quietly, hoping he kept the annoyance out of his voice.

Hanzil did no such thing. "What exactly do you think you're doing, Grover?" he demanded. Ziggy opened his eyes to gaze stonily at the man. "I think I'm going to meet my fiancé and go to my party." He replied, his voice hard.

"I meant in there!" Hanzil shouted, making him close his eyes again. "It was a valid proposal. You undermined me in front of all my colleges!"

Ziggy snapped his eyes back open to glare at the man and when he spoke, his voice was frost-covered durasteel. "First of, I was doing my job. It was a stupid proposal and I don't want to know what you were on when you thought it up. Second of, the only one undermining you is yourself. Arguing with me, someone 20 years your junior, in public, in front of the press, because your sore loser, isn't going to help you." He watched as the man glanced towards the reporters lining the steps and looked across himself. While most of them were talking to several of the other councilors, a few had realized there was a confrontation between two of the councilors, one of which just happened to be the whole city's favorite media star. Normally, Ziggy hated that title; right now, he loved it.

He looked behind him when he felt Dillon arrive and grinned slightly. Dillon laid a hand on his shoulder but kept his gaze on Hanzil, his stance protective and threatening all at once. "Ready to go, Zig?" he asked. Ziggy nodded and turned back to the other councilor. "Have a good day, Councilor Hanzil." He said before he turned to go.

Ziggy was well aware that Hanzil had a temper but he really wasn't expecting the man to grab his arm. "Now listen hear, Grover-" He started to say, which was just about as far as he got before Dillon reacted and grabbed his collar, glaring at him. "Let him go." Dillon ordered, his voice cold. Ziggy stared back at the man, trying not to wince from the tight grip on his arm or recoil into Dillon for protection. Neither reaction would do him any good.

Hanzil paled and abruptly let him go. Ziggy snatched his arm back, curling it tight against his chest. Dillon didn't let the older man go. "Call of your guard dog, Grover." The man ordered. Ziggy tilted his head to the side and told him. "I should just let him beat your face in." But he reached out and tapped Dillon's arm all the same. It took a second but Dillon did let the man go, stepping back reluctantly. He obviously wanted to hurt the man.

"I hope you enjoyed your position on the council, Mr. Hanzil." He told him, voice steadier then he thought it would be. "I don't think you'll have it past today." Then he slid his eyes very pointedly towards the shocked press standing on the steps with them. Hanzil, if possible, paled further. Ziggy smiled rather pleasantly at the man and turned away. "Let's go Dillon. We have a party to get to."

Dillon jogged after him quietly, opening the door for him. Ziggy gave him a warm smile for the move and slid in. The minute the door was closed, he dropped any pretenses of power and control and slumped against the seat. Dillon slid into the driver's seat and looked over at him. "We can skip the party and head home if you want." He suggested. Ziggy shook his head and made a weary motion with his hand. "Let's just go to the party. I'll be fine."

Dillon gave him another considering look but drove to the park like they'd arranged. "You okay?" he asked. Ziggy sighed and rubbed his temples, leaning his head against the window. "Fine." He replied. "Today of all days." He whispered to himself. Dillon shifted and reached over, running his hand carefully through his hair. Ziggy leaned into the touch, smiling just softly.

"You should quit. You come home half the time with a headache and you're always so tense." Dillon advised. Ziggy sighed again, sliding his eyes open from when they'd slid shut. "Maybe I should. I'm still convinced I had taken a leave of my senses when I agreed to join that council." He drew back, thoughtful. "I could help you run the dojo. You keep getting more and more kids in. Think if I stop being on the council the press will leave me alone?" he asked quietly.

Dillon snorted and used his now free hand to reach into the back seat, pulling out a magazine. "This was dropped off at your house today." He said, handing it to him. Ziggy took it, sighing when he recognized the magazine as one of the more popular ones. And the one that likes to stalk him. He recognized the front photo though. It pictured the entire Ranger team plus Tenaya. They'd all posed for it last month when the magazine had wanted to do an article on them for the anniversary of the end of the war. He flipped through it briefly, wanting to look at it. Then he paused and looked a bit more carefully. "They were only supposed to do an article. Not an entire issue." He said dully, wondering why he was surprised.

Dillon shrugged one shoulder. "You know, I looked through it. If you combined yours, mine, and Tenaya's sections, we take up more than half that issue." He said.

"What are they calling us this month?" he asked, not sure if he wanted to know the answer. "The Royal Three." Dillon replied. Ziggy groaned and shook his head, but continued to look through the magazine.

So much had changed in a year. For some reason Ziggy could no longer remember, he had agreed to be on the council. He still hated politics and as he'd feared, he was damn good at them. Most days he did come home horribly tense and usually had a headache but the city was still standing, so he thought he had to be doing something right. The city, it seemed, had fallen in love with him sometime during the year, first because he'd helped save them, then because of his work on the council, and now because they apparently thought he had a fairytale life. Dillon had started a small dojo in order to help keep kids off the streets and out of the gangs. It had started out small but once the press had learned of it, Dillon kept going more kids in then he knew what to do with. He was starting to get overwhelmed but Ziggy could tell he enjoyed it. Two months after the war, Dillon had found a nice, two story, two-bedroom house near the center of the city and had bought it immediately. The two of them, plus Tenaya had been moved in within two weeks; a record, he believed. Four months after that, he had proposed. They'd been engaged ever since although they still hadn't set a date for the wedding.

Tenaya had become, of all things, a rock star. He blamed it on K, really, for always playing that damn violin. Eventually, Tenaya had decided to learn music as well, as she could have something more to talk about with her then just friend besides science. She was actually pretty good. She had gotten a boyfriend somewhere during the mess of the publishing of her first album. It had lasted for a few months but hadn't ended well. The only good thing the guy had ever done was teach Tenaya how to play guitar, which she had proven to be a genius at. Her hands by now had become permanently callused, the skin on her fingertips rough and torn from her constant playing. Her second album, which the Corinth radio seemed determined to wear out with how much they played it, had come out a month after the break up, mostly focusing on her getting over him. A few songs had been peppered through though that had at the time been about how she didn't need him when she had the team but, in light of recent events, definitely had romantic undertones. 'According to You' had only convinced the whole city that she had been going out with K for weeks before K had kissed her. The two really had been going out with each other after that. The press was convinced that the only two people to ever have a smoother relationship were Ziggy and Dillon.

The others had all figured out their lives a bit slower. Scott had gotten the position as head of the Eagle Squad but had taken months before he could ask Summer out on a date. The relationship was going on nearly five months now. They weren't without their sore spots but they were really cute together. Sometime between Flynn had helped his dad set up their computer company and the twins had moved out of the Garage, Flynn and Gemma had gotten together. Gem hadn't exactly liked that but they had managed to get him to stop trying to kill Flynn every time the two went out. K had been the last to leave the Garage but eventually she'd found a tiny apartment a few blocks away from their house. Although, really, Ziggy couldn't figure out why she needed it. She spent half her time at their house anyways. Although Tenaya did spend no little amount of time at K's place as well.

He stopped flipping through the magazine when he found a familiar picture and smiled brightly. It was the same picture Dillon had found during his brief stay among the dead. It was his favorite photo of the three of them; that was why he had allowed the magazine to copy and use it.

He looked up when the car stopped suddenly and found them already at the park. "Ready?" Dillon asked. Ziggy nodded and threw the magazine into the backseat before following. Dillon wrapped his arm around his shoulders. After a few minutes of walking, Tenaya's voice met his ears, just hovering over the guitar strumming, "You're too loud, I'm so hyper.

On paper we're a disaster.

And I'm driving you crazy.

It's my little game."

Tenaya was sitting on top of picnic table, guitar in her lab and a thoughtful look on her face. Ziggy didn't recognize the song at all, so it was probably one of her new ones. K was with her, helping Scott and Summer organize the food they'd brought. Flynn and the twins were off to the side but Ziggy wasn't sure what they were doing. Tenaya looked up at them and grinned. "Hey you two. Late as always." She called, making everyone look over at them. As they called out hellos, Tenaya's smile faded. "What happened to your arm, Zig?" she demanded, tone tight.

Ziggy glanced down at his arm and found the skin where Hanzil had grabbed him was red and irritated. He rubbed it self-consciously, leaning more into Dillon's embrace. "Nothing. Dillon took care of it." he replied. Tenaya continued to stare at them intensely, obviously unhappy. K appeared suddenly right next to Tenaya, holding something in her hand. She pulled the string at the end of it, causing it to explode in Tenaya's face, little streamers popping out of it. Tenaya jumped, looking down at her girlfriend in surprise.

"It's a party." K told her, completely blank faced. "Act like it."

Tenaya blinked down at the young doctor for a minute before bursting out laughing and going back to strumming on the guitar. "This Love-Hate relationship

You say you can't handle it,

But there's no way to stop this now,

So shut up and kiss me!" She sang to herself, the words gaining her a dark look from the woman at her side. Tenaya grinned.

Ziggy smiled slightly and tugged Dillon closer, sitting down at the table. It was the anniversary of the day they'd beat Venjix and this was their party. He wasn't going to let mean old men ruin it for him.


Ziggy came awake all at once, his breathing harsh. He stared blankly at the far wall of the room, waiting for his latest nightmare to ease its grip on his mind. He was shaking badly and he felt so cold. He turned around on the bed and curled into Dillon's embrace, hands tightening in the thin material of the nightshirt the older man was wearing. Dillon muttered something to himself in his sleep, one arm moving to encircle his waist. Ziggy burrowed his head in Dillon neck, breathing in the spicy cologne the man was wearing and letting it, and his warmth, wrap around his mind and chase away his demons.

Ever since his powers had gone and his visions had stopped occupying his mind at night, terrible nightmares of his death haunted him. He could remember, with sickening clarity, how it had felt to die, to feel the warmth leave him and for everything to go hazy. Although the times he had the dream were becoming few and far in between, there were still nights during which he woke up in tears from it. It took him nearly half an hour to calm down well enough to realize how hard his head was pounding and that the muscles in his back were completely tense. It wasn't a headache though. Oh no. This was something completely different.

He turned around again, his gaze locking on Dillon's old watch where it was resting against his nightstand. He never went anywhere without it. He stretched out and grabbed it, pulling it close to frown down at it. "You don't learn do you?" he asked quietly. He closed his eyes and calmed his breathing. He no longer had his powers. But he didn't need them for this.

When he opened his eyes again, he was standing in Janus' Chamber of Fayth. The bit of his soul trapped in here would allow him to visit long after his powers had vanished. He glanced down at the stone that held his Fayth before turning and heading for the door. It opened for him but this time, instead of leading out to blackness, it showed a long hall, at the end of which was another door. He walked down it quickly, preferring not to stay in here for very long then waited as the doors opened. He didn't enter, just stood in the doorway and watched as another Fayth pulsed angrily.

A cold smile crossed his face. "You still think you're getting out?" He asked quietly. "You won't. No matter hard you fight, I am not letting you out." The half sphere pulsed again, a feeling of deep rage flowing through the room. Ziggy tilted his head to the side. "You want me to end it? Oh, I'm not that stupid. You're a virus. You'll always hide some place. No, I want you where I can keep an eye on you. That's why, no matter how hard you fight, how you struggle, you won't get free." He turned to leave then paused and looked back. "Just give it up. I told Scott you and Janus would cancel each other out. And you will. You can't get out of here anymore than he can. The world will end again before you do." He paused again then smiled pleasantly. His words were sarcastic when he said, "As long as you're sleeping then, have good dreams, Venjix." That said, he turned and let the door close behind him, shutting the virus in.

He hadn't lied. Not really. He never said he was going to destroy Venjix, just promised that it would never bother them again. And Venjix wouldn't. It would prove a useless effort to destroy a virus of all things, so he trapped it inside the watch, his eternal prisoner.

He closed his eyes again, only to open them and find himself back in his and Dillon's bedroom. He threw the watch back onto the nightstand then snuggled back into Dillon's arms. Dillon groaned and opened one eye to look down at him. "You alright?" he asked. "More bad dreams?" Ziggy smiled and shook his head.

"I'm alright. Go back to sleep." Dillon continued to gaze at him for a minute before closing his eyes and hugging him tightly to him.

"Love you Zig." Dillon whispered, his breath ruffling the younger male's hair. Ziggy smiled softly and repeated the sentiment, letting himself drift off.

The past year had been different. He kept waiting for alarms to go off, telling him and the other Rangers that Venjix was attacking again. They never did though. He still had to fight to break most of the habits he'd built from over two years of fighting the machines. But it was nice, after a while. Peaceful. He liked it. He didn't want it to change.

Maybe the city was right. Maybe his life was kind of like a fairytale.


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